Rose quartz


We find this stone massively in Brazil, but it also exists in other places in the globe in very beautiful forms: in Madagascar, in the United States, Poland and even in France, in Limousin.

It offers a color whose shades vary from pale pink to sustained pink. The cause of the color of this stone is the presence of fibrous inclusions of Dumortiritis. It is sometimes confused with another very similar gem, kunzite, but it is much rarer and less resistant so less exploited in jewelry.

It is also confused with amethyst because they both belong to the same family. However, amethyst is purple and forms in cavities in several crystals called geodes. Our pink quartz crystallizes very rarely like amethyst, that is to say by growing up in the shape of a well -formed transparent crystals. The appearance of pink quartz in the raw state is that of a vein in the rock, these rocks are named Pegmatites. To give you an image, it looks like a hollow that would have served as a receptacle for a mixture of microscopic crystals. The heat and the pressure take place here to "stick them together" and finally produce our magnificent pink quartz. It is translucent to almost opaque, and its light variations of roses illuminate matter.

A little history ...

 It is in 7000 BC in Mesopotamia-our modern Iraq-that this ore is used for the first time. Then, at the Bronze Age, it is identified as the stone of love: the peoples of the Middle East use it to pray and advocate the goddess of love and Astarte fertility (called Ishtar in this part of the globe).

A legend of Greek mythology says that the pink quartz comes from Aphrodite. Her beautiful Adonis being attacked by a boar, she rushed to save him. By scratching in the brambles, his blood mingled with that of Adonis. This mixture of blood gave life to pink quartz, in short, a symbol of devotion and love.


Rose quartz is traditionally attached to the heart chakra. It is an energy center behind love and joy. He will help soften a separation, maintain self -esteem and find an emotional and emotional balance. It is a wonderful stone of tenderness, to adopt as quickly as possible!