Boréale was founded by a lover of stones and jewelry. But whether it is clear, borealcannot boast of being 100% creative of all its jewelry. On the other hand, it is a brand that chooses its partners carefully.
This desire totransparency stands out from other houses and a consumption mode often based on expressions misleading as the "made in France". For the 20% of models that we buy directly made by workshops (the remaining 80% are boreal creations), nBijoux bone come from quality suppliers. We choose to buy parts drawn in Paris by a company that fully meets our quality and respectability of working conditions. Their brass prints are made in Thailand, assembled in France and then galvanized (plated) in Europe. Our partners are certifiedReach* AndRJC*, which guarantees aHuman and environmental respect


Like an aurora borealis, Boréale Paris talks about these unique moments when magic embraces us. These precious moments when we offer a small piece of beauty to the one we love.


Thanks to a sufficiently thick layer of gold, our jewelry does not blacken. Each brass jewel is plunged 3 times successively in an 18 carat gold bath (nice no 😉), which corresponds to a veneer of 3 microns.
The veneer is guaranteed for 1 year but it lasts Bieeeen Plus, and it is made from 100% recycled gold!


We are a houseaware and reasoned. Writings and shipmentsteco-responsible thanks to the use of materialsFSCet recyclable, manufactured atDenmark To reduce our carbon footprint.

 #Zero allergy

What is the cause of allergies? The composition of jewelry! Ie Nickel is in 90% of cases the dreaded allergen, but lead and cadmium are also involved. These are three metals formally excluded of our jewelry, since our supplier benefits from the label Reach


What inspires us is you.
You, different and all inspiring. We express it through our not retouched photos, and our models which are women and men who kiss their ambitions and realize their dreams!