Here are two methods to measure your ring size. Whatever the chosen method, these two rules must be observed to obtain a reliable result:

First, measure the widest part of the finger, and then prefer the largest size if you are between two.

First method

Take your favorite ring, a millimeter rule or a meter of seamstress. Measure the internal diameter, refer to the table below to find out your ring size.

Ring size Ring diameter (in mm) Circumference of the finger (in mm)
50 15.92 50
52 16.56 52
54 17.2 54
56 17.83 56
58 18.47 58
60 19.11 60

Second method

For this method, we will measure your finger lap. To do this, you need a piece of paper or ribbon, a fine tip felt (to be precise 😉) and a millimeter rule. Wrap your ribbon around your finger on the widest part. Annot with the felt the intersection of the two ends of the ribbon, then postpone this measurement on the rule / the meter of seamstress.

Here is an example to better understand:

In these photos, we see that the widest part of my adult is equal to 55 mm, so I will choose size 56. The 54 will be too fair, and like that, I could wear my ring even if my fingers swell.